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Dominion has a range of fantastic and innovative learning resources available for children.

Due to high demand, the option to pre-order books and applications are now available.

These 3 products are sold as a set of £10 or N3000.

About Us

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A little bit of our history and what make Dominion

Dominion Design was founded in 2014. We are a publishing company that specializes in in-house design and illustration of referencing and educational materials. Dominion Design also produces various digital artifacts such as digital portraits, illustrations, website and logos as well as delivering digital art and design consultancy services.


Our Vision is to provide various interesting, interactive, motivating, informative, captivating and inspiring referencing and educational materials.


Dominion Design is committed to producing referencing and educational materials that are not only fun and interesting, but also informative and inspiring. This is done with the help of our beautiful and out of the box illustrations and design. Our core values reflect our company’s beliefs and dedication to our customers. Our values are:
Integrity — Expertise — Commitment to our clients/consumers — Pride in our workmanship and products

Mission Statement

Dominion Design wows every customer by providing unique solutions to various problems in the society by using the power of quality art and design.

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